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Yale University: PSYC 110 – Lecture 19

Lecture 19: What Happens When Things Go Wrong: Mental Illness, Part II

This lecture continues to cover one of the most salient areas within the field of psychology known as psychopathology, or clinical psychology. Following a discussion of the different ways of defining mental illness, Professor Bloom reviews several classes of clinical diagnoses including schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, dissociative disorders, and personality disorders. The lecture concludes with a brief introduction to therapy.

Chapter 1. Identifying Mental Illness
Chapter 2. Schizophrenia
Chapter 3. Anxiety Disorders
Chapter 4. Question and Answer on Schizophrenia and Anxiety Disorders
Chapter 5. Dissociative Identity Disorders
Chapter 6. Question and Answer on Dissociative Identity Disorders
Chapter 7. Personality Disorders
Chapter 8. Brief History on Therapy