The Interview: First Impressions

You only get one chance to make a first impression – or so the saying goes. And that’s especially true at a job interview.

It’s vital to make a good first impression at a job interview. If the interviewer takes a dislike to you from the outset, there may be little you can do to recover. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you make the right impression.

Be Prompt

Do your best to arrive around ten minutes early for the interview. This will make sure that you don’t arrive at the last minute for your interview, feeling flustered and rushed. It will also give you time to assess the organisation and people from the comfort of reception. If you realise that you’re going to be late, call and let them know as soon as you can.

Be Polite

Be courteous to everyone you meet while on site. The person you meet in the car park or at reception may actually be the person who will interview you!

Switch off your Phone

Turn off your mobile before you go into the building. If you forget to turn it off, do not answer if it rings, regardless of how relaxed you think the interviewer is.

Meeting and Greeting

You may be called through to the room where your interview will be held. If an interviewer comes out to escort you to the interview room, greet them with a smile and a firm handshake.

In the Interview Room

When you are in the interview room, be sure to thank your interviewer or interviewers for inviting you for interview. When you sit down, sit slightly forward and maintain eye contact with the other people in the interview, especially when they are talking to you.


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