Sharp rise in anorexia hospital admissions

There has been an 80% rise in the number of young girls with anorexia admitted to hospital, NHS figures reveal.

Over the last decade, the number of admissions among girls aged 16 and under jumped from 256 in 1996/97 to 462 in 2006/07.

A breakdown by age showed that girls aged 15 diagnosed with anorexia were admitted 141 times to hospitals in England in 2006/07 – almost double the 75 admitted in 1996/97.

The same was true among 16-year-olds, rising from 55 admissions in 1996/97 to 108 in 2006/07.

Figures for 14-year-olds also rose over the decade, with 93 admissions in 2006/07 – up 60% on the 58 in 1996/97.

Among 13-year-old girls, there was a 38% rise, from 34 admissions to 47. Meanwhile, among 12-year-olds there was a 207% rise, from 13 admissions to 40.

There were also 18 admissions among 11-year-olds diagnosed with anorexia, up from 11 in 1996/97, and 10 admissions among 10-year-olds, up from nine in 1996/97.

Among under-10s there was a rise from one admission in 1996/97 to five in 2006/07.

The data, revealed last week in a parliamentary answer by Care Services Minister Phil Hope, also showed a jump among older girls.

The number of admissions among 17-year-olds rose from 51 to 74 while the number of 18-year-olds admitted went from 40 to 61.

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