Massachusetts Institute for Technology

MIT: MIT 9.00SC – Lecture 4

Lecture 4: Brain II

Understanding how the brain makes the mind takes an array of research methods. In this session, you’ll learn the key principles, strengths, and limitations of brain injury studies, neural stimulation, and various recording techniques. The lecture video ends with a look at how research methods can help answer big questions about higher-level cognition, such as:

  • Is there a anatomical basis for empathy?
  • Does a patient in a “vegetative state” have mental imagery like healthy individuals?


  1. Methods of Studying the Human Brain
  2. Lesion (Injury) and Stimulation Studies
  3. Recording Studies of Structure: CT, MR, DTI
  4. Recording Studies of Function: Electrical (EEG, MEG) & Metabolic (PET, fMRI)
  5. Sample Studies: Social Cognition (Empathy) & Vegetative States

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