Massachusetts Institute for Technology

MIT: MIT 9.00SC – Lecture 18

Lecture 18: Adult Development

What happens to our bodies as we grow older? How do our brains change as we age? In this section, we will discuss the cognitive, emotional, and physical changes that occur as we progress into adulthood and beyond, showing through experimental studies what changes occur as we age.


  1. Stages of Development
  2. Neurogenesis
  3. Brain Development: Cell Migration, Synaptic Formation, and Myelination
  4. “Good Memories of Bad Events in Infancy”
  5. How Development is Studied
  6. Cognitive Loss
  7. Attitudes, Emotions, and Aging
  8. Dopamine and Reward Systems
  9. The Creation of (False) Memories
  10. Risk Assessment and Loss Aversion

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