Massachusetts Institute for Technology

MIT: MIT 9.00SC – Lecture 11

Lecture 11: Memory II: Amnesia and Memory Systems

What conditions can impair your memory? How is your memory affected by these impairments? In this lecture, we will study amnesia, how it can influence our memory systems and how amnesia patients have helped us pinpoint areas in the brain crucial to memory. A particular highlight of this session is Prof. Gabrieli’s stories of working as a graduate student directly the famous amnesiac patient H. M.


  1. The Importance of Memory
  2. Anterograde Amnesia: Patient H.M. and the Role of the Hippocampus in Memory Formation
  3. Types of Memory and Q&A about Patient H.M.
  4. Retrograde Amnesia
  5. Neural Memory Systems and the Effect of Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases on Memory

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