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Mental health professionals urged to volunteer overseas

Mental health professionals from Britain are being encouraged to work voluntarily overseas.

Such professionals are, for the first time, being targeted to fill short-term placements with the development charity Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO).

Malawi in Africa is one of the countries that mental health professionals are being asked to work.

VSO says mental health services have been neglected in Malawi as the government struggles to provide basic health care. There is one psychiatrist for the whole country.

The charity has vacancies at Zomba mental hospital in southern Malawi. Zomba is the larger of Malawi’s two mental hospitals and acts as a referral hospital for all psychiatric patients.

VSO hopes to to provide the hospital with a clinical psychologist and a second psychiatrist.

Visit www.vso.org.uk/health or call 020 87 80 7500.

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