Dr P McKeon presents Bi Polar Disorder

Dr. McKeon presents on ‘Bipolar Disorder’. Based on his experience of over 20 years working with people diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder he talks in detail about the relationship between symptoms of both depression and elation and explains how symptoms of elation may be harder to spot. Dr. McKeon goes on to discuss causation:the influence of genetics is deemed to be much higher than environmental factors. He lists the types of medication that can be used to treat variations of Bipolar Disorder and comments on additional non-medical tools that people may wish to utilize along with medication to manage their emotional well being. Dr. McKeon stresses the importance of the role of family members in the management of Bipolar Disorder symptoms — especially in respect to helping a person recognize that they are elated. He also mentions the importance of keeping a mood diary so that patterns of depression and elation can be documented and intervention can occur more quickly when needed. On a final note Dr. McKeon refers briefly to our circadian rhythms and how important it is to ensure we get regular sleep.