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Family Futures is an Adoption and Adoption Support agency awarded by OFSTED an outstanding rating at our last inspection. We have a reputation for innovation and offering a high quality service. Family Futures offers an integrated multi-disciplinary, assessment, treatment and family finding service for traumatised children.


Our Adoption Service is unique in that it is a multi-disciplinary team approach to parent assessment and child placement. We specialise in placing children who are three years of age or older. We are able to offer a robust multi-disciplinary post placement support package which is informed by attachment and trauma based research and theory. The assessing social worker throughout the assessment and placement process, co-works with other disciplines to ensure a holistic assessment and post placement programme that addresses developmental trauma and the challenges that parents face.


Family Futures has a reputation for carrying out the most comprehensive and integrated therapy programmes for children who have experienced trauma or attachment difficulties and are living with adoptive or birth parents, foster carers or special guardians.


Our Child Therapy Service consists of the following elements:

•Child Psychotherapy


•Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP)

•Sensory Integration

•Family Therapy

•Parent Mentoring

•Support Network Management & Maintenance


We are the only adoption agency in the UK that provides all these therapy services in one place.


For more information on our services, please visit our website.


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