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South West England / South Wales, United Kingdom

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DGF Psychology offers psychological input and consultancy to children and adults with emotional needs, challenging and offending behaviours, their families, carers, staff and organisations. We have a strong non aversive, low arousal approach to the management and reduction of behaviours with all client groups. Our ethos is person centred and holistic and aims to maximise an individual’s potential – individual solutions for individual needs.

We carry out individual assessments and can offer a range of evidenced based, short and long term therapeutic interventions, both on a 1:1 basis and in group settings to achieve positive outcomes.

We are happy to work with and support both statutory and independent organisations to foster confidence, and enhance skills through training. We specialise in the development and implementation of behaviour management and reactive plans with an emphasis on supporting staff to work proactively.

We have extensive experience in auditing services to identify service provision needs, and providing recommendations and support for implementation.

We can provide expert witness reports and testimony for the courts in a number of areas.

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