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We offer a lively and stimulating environment for your studies and use our knowledge of research and links with the relevant sectors to develop new modules and courses which reflect the very latest thinking and practice. By continually reviewing your course we ensure it is up-to-date and well-designed. This enables us to meet your needs as well as those of potential employers. Our programmes support the preparation and development of the workforce in the public, private and voluntary sectors. This includes criminology, mental health, policing and psychology. Many members of our teaching team have moved from senior professional practice posts to support the development of the workforce from an academic setting. We work with prospective employers to make sure our courses are entirely focused on, and relevant to, supporting evidence-based practice and the development of a highly skilled workforce. Our strength lies in the quality of our academic teaching staff, and their knowledge and insight will provide you with an exciting learning opportunity, giving you essential skills to succeed in the future.