Brown urges end to mental ill health stigma

Gordon Brown has joined the ranks of those calling for an end to the stigma of mental ill health.

Brown called for a “change in attitudes” towards mental illness, insisting people should be more open about the subject. His statement was to mark World Mental Health Day on Saturday

“Across the country there are very few families who have not been touched in some way by mental ill health in at least one of its many forms,” Mr Brown said.

“And yet too often these have been illnesses which are not discussed, recognised or offered the support that they need.

“However, whilst the NHS can do its part, we also need a change in attitudes and a fresh openness to recognise mental health issues across our society.

The statement on the Downing Street website went on: “The day when anyone with mental illness can live free of the fear of stigma is coming but it is the responsibility of all of us to bring that day about as quickly as possible.”

Both the government and leading mental health charities run anti-stigma campaigns.

The government has been consulting on a new national strategy on mental health.

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