Applying for Jobs

Applying for Jobs

So, you have written your CV and put it through its paces with a trusted reviewer or two. Now it’s time to push it out there to do its work.

Stage One – Begin the Search

The first step is to begin the search for roles and apply for them using your CV. Having spent time assessing the ideal role and associated keywords as part of writing your CV, this part should now be relatively easy.

Some sites will allow you to apply for roles with a personal profile, online CV or social media profiles such as LinkedIn. PsychMinded allows you to use either your PsychMinded Profile, your CV or a Linkedin Profile to apply for roles.

Make sure that your CV and any online profiles match up in terms of education, experience and any dates in relation to them. Remember, your CV is your main tool to get you an interview but it is best to make sure that you back it up with other information as well. For example, a recruiter may look you up on LinkedIn to cross reference facts. So be sure that both your CV and your profile present a full and accurate picture.

Stage Two – Applying for Jobs

So you have found your dream job. Now it’s time to apply for that role using the website’s preferred method. Some sites may need you to complete a job application form. In this situation, use the information from your CV to complete the form. There may also be information regarding the deadline for applications and the next step in the process. You can use this to set your expectations around the timescales for hearing back.

Stage Three – Following Up

For roles which accept online applications, it can be a good idea to try calling the recruiter to discuss the role. Many recruiters will only spend around 7 seconds reviewing each CV. Speaking to the recruiter in person may increase the chance that they will spend longer looking at your CV. It is also an opportunity to get some initial feedback on your suitability for that particular role.

At this point you have done all that you can to push yourself to the top of the pile. But if you don’t secure an interview, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback to improve your chances next time.

And one last thought… You can also sign up for job alerts here at PsychMinded to get roles emailed out to you, just to make sure that one doesn’t slip through the net!

So it’s over to you: sign up, complete your profile and get searching!

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