Young White Women Concerned Worried

Am I having a Quarter Life Crisis?

I feel lost, what should I do in life now?

Whether you’ve recently graduated from high school, college or university, the possibilities are now endless as to what happens next.You are no longer trapped in a series of classes and courses, where attendance is mandatory and homework deadlines are looming. You are now free to embrace and experience the world the way you choose to.

Although this is supposed to sound empowering to younger adults, the fact that they now have choice and their life decisions are now theirs to make, can be quite overwhelming. It seems like a huge relief that education, adhering to rules, having to work so hard for that A in that final paper, are all now in the past. However, society now tells us that it’s now time to start to think about what decisions we need to make in order to plan for the future.

Things seem to have got extremely serious all of a sudden. Hello Quarter life crisis, we didn’t know you existed until now!

To some, this may not be anxiety provoking at all but others may become anxious about the future and worry that what decisions they now make, will have huge consequences later on in life.


The fact is we can’t control life and we can’t plan exactly what happens in it. Whether you believe in a certain religion, that it’s fate or that we make our own destiny, there is no way that we have power over what happens in the world. We can only control so much and it is this sense of uncertainty, which makes us question if we are doing everything right at this stage in our lives.

What if I’m making the wrong decision?

Questions may have gone through your mind such as; ‘Should I move in with my boyfriend/girlfriend? Should we find a flat together? Should I look at buying a house? Will I be in this job forever? What do I have to look forward to now? Is this my life now? Do I want this settled life yet? Am I wasting my young years? Shouldn’t I be doing something amazing and life fulfilling right now? Shouldn’t I be going travelling?’ Although these are quite normal questions to ask, some of us may start to overthink the situation and may worry that we are not living life how we should be whilst we are still ‘young’. There is no such thing as a ‘mistake’, only experiences we learn from as we go through life.

Quite simply, there is no ‘right’ way to live life at any age. Only you as an individual can choose how to proceed with life and what decisions to make. No one can choose this for you. Instead of worrying and becoming anxious if you are making the right life choices, rationalising these thought patterns will help you with the decisions that you feel you need to be made to move on with life. Do not compare your life to anyone else’s. Take life at your own pace and make happiness your goal.