Why use PsychMinded?

We are the destination for psychology and mental health professionals in both the UK and around the world. Psychminded has been running since 2006 and attracts a highly targeted audience, which will drive a high quality response to your marketing campaign.

We have a range of advertising opportunities to meet your marketing objectives. If you are looking to increase brand awareness amongst a more targeted audience, our advertising team will be happy to assist you.

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Banner Advertising

PsychMinded has the following banner advertising opportunities available:

Jobs Board Banner

Your advert at the bottom of all job board pages, we allow a maximum of two concurrent banner adverts in this slot for a duration of 30 days.

  •  728×90 Banner for 30 days: £200.00

Side Bar Banners

Your advert placed on all Spotlight section pages,  we allow a maximum of two concurrent banner adverts in this slot for a duration of 30 days.

  • 300×250 Banner for 30 days: £250.00
  • 300×125 Banner for 30 days: £150.00

Job Alert Emails

Every site visitor that signs up for email job alerts receives an email showing jobs based upon the keyword(s) they have entered.

An entry into the email job alert template will place your text based advert at the top of each email sent out, reaching a targeted audience of 1000’s. This is ideal for courses, training, conferences as well as for job vacancies.

The advert should be text based and no more than 60 words in length, this advert will be placed for 1 day only.

  • Job alerts email for 7 days: £200.00

Banner Examples

700x100 Jobs Banner
700×100 Jobs Banner
300x250 Side Bar Banner
300×250 Side Bar Banner
300x125 Side Bar Banner
300×125 Side Bar Banner

Enquiry Form

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